Building schools, Making a better future

AEFA builds schools in the mountainous regions throughout East Asia, including Laos, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. But we are not just constructing schools; each of our projects is closely tied with the needs of the villages to make a place that is loved by everyone.

“We have the villagers join the construction works not only to learn how to fix and maintain the building, but to form a bond with the school. We want the school to be accepted as part of the village“

How are we different?

Our project starts from throughout meetings with the villagers. Some villages require dormitories for teachers and students living far away, wells, or plantations for food supplies. We make sure that we meet the needs of each village to prepare an environment comfortable for the children to study in.


“Many organizations never come back once the opening ceremony is done. In AEFA, we closely follow the progress of each school after she is constructed. We visit the school every year in order to decide with the villagers how to make her better. “

In AEFA, the project isn’t over once the school is constructed; we help the schools improve their environment for education. Our staff visits the school every year in order to decide with the villagers what the school needs. For each school, we organize donations of school supplies, help make teaching aids, or offer scholarship programs. We help the school take the next step for a better education.

Here’s our donors and supporters


How can you make a difference?

In AEFA, we like to get personal with our members and volunteers. We organize events like annual social gatherings, cooking classes, [] and many more. We are not just making a difference; we enjoy the path along the way. Learn how you can be involved.

Contact us

We have several staff members fluent in English. If you have any questions on our organization or how to be involved, feel free to call us or give us an email. We look forward to talking with you.

Phone: +81-3-6265-6490

Email: asia@nippon-aefa.org

Address: Urban2nd Building 3F, 2-3-22 Kudanminami,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan 102-0074

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